Y現象–四聲道版ver. 2

YPhenomenon-Quadraphonic ver.2


Yung-ta CHANG

Y現象–四聲道版ver. 2



Audio-visual installation/10×7 m/2011

聲響裝置/10×7 m/2011

「Y」為日本地名 Yamaguchi (山口)的縮寫,此作品為藝術家於 2008 年赴日本山口情報藝術中心實習時,收集當地日常生活聲響的錄音,如自然環境聲響、人造聲響、交通噪音、電視節目等音源。經由數位調變和重新編曲,聲音被顆粒化重新編排,切分成細小粒子,遊走於空間中,去除再現與原本的關連性和暗示性,重新建構出虛擬的聽覺場域。透過 2011 年新版本四聲道的聲音呈現和半環形的高畫質影像,觀者可在空間中感受聲音與視覺在空間中的流竄與變化。

The “Y” stands for the city of Yamaguchi in Japan. While sound artist Yung-ta Chang was participating in an internship at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, he collected the sounds of Japanese life, such as those from nature, those made by people, and traffic and television program sounds. Chang then granulated and rearranged the sounds using digital modulation techniques making each segment of sound into a tiny granule, which travels through the exhibition space. With the new 2011 version of quadraphonic sounds and semicircular images, the viewer can experience the change in sound and visuals in space.

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